Mens’s #1 excuse for not shaving is a rash!

Many men who have have a problem in that their neck becomes red raw after shaving. They seem to have a lot of red bumps and it feels really tender and saw after the shave. And the worst part is that no matter how many oils, gels and creams you use – the problem stays. The good news is that this is actually very easy to fix and here’s how to do it…

The big problem for a lot of men is that they get an unsightly red rash after shaving. This is a big turn-off for women, can hamper your job prospects and generally makes you look unhealthy. This problem is extremely common for men who shave every day or every other day, but is actually often caused by a condition called “Folliculitis”.

Folliculitis is the number one cause of shaving rash for men. This is a condition which affects the hair follicles on your face, and is where bacteria or fungal infections live inside your hair follicles. The problem is that when you shave, the stress of cutting the hair actually weakens the hair follicle and if it is infected, this will make it appear to be red and unsightly. Also, because of the presence of bacteria, many men report seeing red bumps and puss-filled spots as well.

The condition of folliculitis is one which affects many men but hardly any actually know about it. I know this because I had the problem for several years until a doctor pointed out what it was. If you constantly get a red rash on your neck after shaving, which sometimes has red bumps and white-heads in it, then the chances are that you have Folliculitis.

To fix this problem is actually quite simple, although I had to spend a long time finding the solution. Although Folliculitis is a very common condition, hardly anyone has spent time looking for a cure for it. I had to make my own up and it consisted of this:

First, I ditched my old manual razor because that was just tearing my skin to shreds. I invested about $75 into a new high-end electric razor which would be less irritant on my skin. I then created some antiseptic home remedies to stop the folliculitis bacteria from causing any more problems. I shaved normally with the razor and applied by home-made antiseptic and within a week, the rash had all but disappeared.