Deep pimples under the skin

Deep pimples under the skin

Isn’t it awful when you can feel deep pimples under the skin and you know their going to look terrible when they finally do reach the surface? The best way to remove pimples from your face is, of course, to not let them get there in the first place. I’ll give you some great tips for doing just that at the end of this article!

How to Treat Deep Pimples Under the Skin

If the pimple has already formed deep under your skin then your stuck having to deal with it. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the only way to really get rid of it is to let the pimple mature so I can pop it. Popping it before it has come to a head, when it turns white, will force most of the puss back into the skin where it will form more pimples. There are a few things you can do to speed up this process…

Get a Deep Pimple to Mature Faster:

1. Use a Hot Compress – This will cause the pimple to come to the surface and open up your pores which will help the next step work better.

2. Use a Good Astringent – An astringent will help dry out the oily skin. Put some on a q tip and hold it there after you have used the hot compress. For me, most pimples like that are more oil than anything else and the astringent dries it out. Just be careful if you suffer from dry skin not to put it all over your face.

3. DON’T Squeeze It – This will force most of the puss to spread and will cause more pimples to form. It will also keep the pimple from maturing to the point where you can pop it (when it comes to a white head).

How to Pop a Pimple

Once the pimple has come to a head, and turned white, it’s ready to be popped. These are the steps I used to remove pimples, back before I found out how to prevent pimples.

1. Wash Your Face – If you have really oily skin use a water based, instead of oil based, cleanser.

2. Use a Gentle Exfoliator – This removes and dead skin from the top of the pimple.

3. Pop It – Grab two q tips (one in each hand). Firmly, place them on either side of the pimple. Now, gently, wiggle them up and down and squeeze them together. Repeat twice, and if it doesn’t budge, it’s not ready to be popped. Your just going to have to keep up with the steps to cause the pimple to mature faster and wait.