Acne Scar Cure !

Acne Scar Cure and the celebrities who are better off already!

Dealing with acne and the related scarring can be damaging to a person’s confidence and imagine the scrutiny that Hollywood actors are under. Some well known Hollywood actors suffer or suffered from the very thing you are going through. I am here to tell you there is hope and I do not want you to give up on your search for solutions. This article focuses on which hot celebrities found their acne scar cure. Furthermore, at the end of the article I will provide a link to more information.

So lets take a look at the list of hot celebrities who has or is currently dealing with scarring caused by severe acne. This topic is extremely emotional for many people so I wanted to lighten the mood a little bit. So what do say interested to see who is on the list?

Drum role please…

First up is one of the funniest actors of all time. I mean who can forget his role in Groundhog Day as Phil Conners the channel 9 weather man. That’s right everybody Bill Murray. Bill has long suffered with facial scarring and I would say he is doing very well for himself.

Next up is one of the smartest actors on both the big screen and cameos on the family guy. Peter’s nemesis Mr. James Woods. James Woods has dramatic acne scars which reinforce the rugged personalities of his characters.

Now just to prove to everyone reading that this list is not just men my next celebrity is one of the sexiest women in the world and is famous for her role in Austin Powers and the former Mrs. Hugh Grant. Oh did I mention she models quite often. Elizabeth Hurley while in glamour photos looks perfect because makeup and lighting are used to convey a clear complexion but candid photos do reveal acne scars on Hurley’s

The next two actors are very successful in their own right appearing in a wide range of films such as The Matrix, Boyz in the hood and Casino. Lawrence Fishburne and Ray Liotta each have facial scars caused by acne and both of these actors have had a great deal of success.

One last celebrity who has dealt with acne scarring is a singer and country music star judge Jewel. Another very beautiful and talented person who at some point has dealt with acne scarring.

The one common factor in all these examples is that these celebrities all found their acne scar cure by either taking action to clear it up for finding inner peace and adapting.