Gallstones Natural Treatments , Top Herbal Medications to Use with Caution

Some doctors are being criticized for the way they treat gallstone problems. If a patient relies greatly on the medical expertise of the doctor, the patient suffering from gallstone problems is put under the knife and undergoes surgery for gallstone removal. The criticism stems from the fact that gallstones natural treatment is available, cost-free as well as pain free.

Gallstones are hardened digestive fluids known as bile secreted by the liver and can be found in the gallbladder. Instead of being secreted into the small intestines to aid in the digestion processes, they remain in the gallbladder because they have solidified into hardened crystalline forms.

They can be as small as a grain of sand but can also reach the size of a golf ball; hence, most sufferers are treated through surgical processes. Unknown to some, three herbs namely artichoke, milk thistle and turmeric provide effective gallstones natural treatment for gallstone removal.

Here’s a closer look at these three herbs:

1. Artichoke

As a source of medicine, the leaves and/or stems of the artichoke contain the substance medically known as caffeoylquinic acid. This now becomes the healing agent that can provide gallstones natural treatment because of its ability to increase bile production inside the gallbladder. Gallstones are formed because there is more cholesterol than bile, hence, promoting the increase in bile flow can dissolve the gallstones.

Cyanarin extracts from the leaves are said to be capable of lowering blood cholesterol. The potency of this drug in providing gallstones natural treatment has been widely proven in European countries, where these plants are known to flourish in numbers. In fact, records show that Europeans are more inclined to treat their gallstones with this herbal medicine over the traditional surgical treatment.

However, as in any form of medicine, the approved minimum content of the substance caffeoylquinic acid should be maintained at only 8% for every commercially sold natural medication.

2. Milk thistle

Also spiny and perennially blooming with flowers and are found abundant in Mediterranean regions of Europe, Middle East and North Africa.They are considered as belonging to the daisy family. It is known to be mainly effective in treating liver, pancreas and gallbladder problems.

As a gallstones natural treatment, the seeds of this plant can control the production of cholesterol, the latter being the building block in gallstone formation. At the same time, the leaves’ extracts provide medicinal properties that can promote production of the bile liquid in the gallbladder.

Based on proven track record, milk thistle as an effective natural medicine should be taken daily in substantial dosages. Occasional intakes of milk thistle medications will not produce any effective results.

3. Turmeric

Also known as Indian saffron. It is an herbaceous plant that is well known to take a great part in Ayurvedic medicine. Since this natural form of treatment is about the balance of body and mind, the need to cleanse once soul and physicality is achieved by using medicinal herbs like turmeric. As gallstones natural treatment, its main healing substance which is the curcumin provides gallstone removing effect and should be administered at a dosage of 98% curcumin to be effective.

Most Americans resort to surgery in having their gallstones removed. This has been getting counter-reactions from medical experts who have proven that the three herbs are gallstones natural treatment and can solve gallbladder problems sans surgery.

Nevertheless, it is still important to have your gallstone condition fully examined by a doctor because some cases of gallbladder disorder have already reached the infection stage. This makes gallstone-removal surgery an imperative form of treatment.