Is there an Acid Reflux / Gerd proven natural cure?

Question: Is there an Acid Reflux or Gerd proven natural cure?
“For years I’ve had a horrible cough especially when I haven’t eaten for a while and chest acid burns.”

I’m so tired of this especially when helping a customer.

antacids work only for a short time.

Well, there are many things that people find helpful when the “normal treatments” for GERD and reflux don’t help. Specifically, the fact that if the acid blockers/reducers don’t help, that’s typically a sign that it’s not too much acid causing the problem, but not enough. Simply put, reflux is something that happens when you have too much acid (excess acid kicking up over the valve in your stomach) and also when you don’t have enough stomach acid (as the valve doesn’t close right if there isn’t enough stomach acid).

In other words, if the acid blockers/reducers didn’t help, you may need to try taking Apple Cider Vinegar or an HCl pill regimen to replenish your acid levels. Try chewing gum after a meal… that can help heartburn by stimulating some of the digestive signals that your body uses to close the valve as well. 😉  For the long run, it also would be a good idea to try some DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice)… it tastes horrible, but it helps to calm the stomach and helps to heal some tissues in the esophagus that may have been damaged by the stomach acid kicking up. Good luck and I hope I helped!