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Late Night Eating Does Not Cause Weight Gain

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t eat past a certain time of day or you will gain weight? Somewhere along the way we’ve been told that we shouldn’t eat after 7 p.m. or we will pack on the pounds. This is a common misconception. Our bodies need fuel constantly, not just when we are […]

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Surprise Yourself By Taking Chances

How many times have you had the following conversation? You’re trying to persuade someone to do something, and they say “No, I don’t like that”. You ask them how many times they have actually done that thing and they eventually admit they never have, but still maintain that they know they wouldn’t like it. That […]

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How To Eat Healthily Without Getting Bored

The persistent allegation about eating healthily is that it means a boring diet filled with tasteless rabbit food, and no fun ever again. This has been the cause of many a broken diet, and will no doubt continue to dissuade people from healthier lifestyles. And the worst thing about it is that it really is […]

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Get Into That Kitchen

There is no doubt that a healthier diet is a lot easier to achieve if you are willing and able to cook for yourself. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, and a lot of people seem to have been born without the gene that makes them comfortable in the kitchen. Having the perseverance […]

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Do you promise?

7 skin care Rules you must promise to follow If you think those celebrities are just blessed with flawless and fabulous-looking skin, think again. In this post, we have compiled a list of 7 most effective skin care tips that will help you get perfect skin in 2017. Follow these 7 skin care tips for […]

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A Cure for Blushing

A Cure for Blushing Blushing is one of the most dreaded physical manifestations of introversion. We all have some degree of blushing we experience everyday. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who suffer from a severe form of blushing which can lead to embarrassment and withdrawal for some. Fortunately, blushing can be easily cured these days. […]

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Wrinkled Penis Skin.

Wrinkled Penis Skin. The Causes Treatments and PReventivite Measures A man has plenty to worry about in terms of the health and appearance of his penis – whether it be concerns about the size and shape, preventing injuries and disease or making sure it is functioning well enough to please himself and his partners. On […]

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A Caution about Crest White Strips

Do you want to buy a Crest teeth whitening system? Read these cautions first before you use any Crest products. Crest Whitestrips will only Whiten Natural Teeth. It will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings or dentures. Crest Whitestrips are not intended for use in children under the age of 12 (under age 18 for […]