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Healthy Eating Is The Key

When it comes to losing weight, there are so many options out there that it is easy to become distracted. There are diets that allow you to eat a whole lot of one thing as long as you steer well clear of something else, and there are exercise regimes that don’t involve much actual exercise. […]

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Hepatitis B, know your liver!

Most illnesses make themselves apparent soon after you contact them. Whether it’s coughing and congestion from cold or nausea from the stomach flu, you usually know you are sick after you become ill. Sometimes, though, that isn’t the case. Hepatitis B, a virus that causes inflammation of the liver, often does not cause any symptoms, making it difficult […]

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Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes can be a complicated condition. There are two different types, each of which has its causes, risk factors, and treatment options. Type 1 diabetes is the less common form of diabetes in the United States today — only about 1 in 20 people with diabetes have type 1. However, it’s the most common form of the […]

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Rheumatoid arthritis is ongoing and debilitating and potentially disfiguring, but it can be managed and minimized with a proactive effort on your part.

Your immune system works hard to keep you disease-free. Sometimes, however, your defenses go awry, and your immune system attacks the healthy tissues in your body by mistake. Conditions like this are known as autoimmune diseases, and there are many types, affecting different areas of your body. Autoimmune arthritis affects your bones, joints, and sometimes, […]

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Tips for Decoding Your Medical Bills

A billing error can be expensive and may even cause your insurance provider to deny a claim it might otherwise pay. Decoding your own medical bills, however, is not an adventure for the faint of heart. Medical bills are a tangled web of confusing codes, disjointed notes, and potentially unfamiliar language. Still, understanding your medical […]

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Blood Clot or Leg Pain?

. Calf pain can be annoying, but it’s rarely a cause for serious medical concern. The wrong shoes, a muscle cramp, stress, dehydration, remaining in the same position for an extended period, and minor injuries can all lead to aching calves. But when calf pain is intense, gets worse over time, or distracts you from […]

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No Kidney Stones, No

At least 10% of the population has had a kidney stone, making this a condition worth learning about in case you or someone you know has symptoms. Kidney stones are common enough that most people know of someone who has had one. Part of the narrative usually includes tales of woe about the pain involved […]

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Loneliness is a universal experience that acts as a huge indicator of social well-being. Contrary to popular belief, loneliness is not necessarily caused by being alone — it’s caused by being without necessary interpersonal relationships. Although anyone can experience loneliness, it’s a significant problem for seniors, as it can lead to a considerably impaired quality of […]

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Late Night Eating Does Not Cause Weight Gain

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t eat past a certain time of day or you will gain weight? Somewhere along the way we’ve been told that we shouldn’t eat after 7 p.m. or we will pack on the pounds. This is a common misconception. Our bodies need fuel constantly, not just when we are […]