Aloe for your skin

How Aloe Vera Can Help In improving The Texture of your Skin. The miraculous plant, Aloe Vera, offers several health benefits. This is basically an herb which contains numerous substances which are very useful for providing nourishment to the skin. This plant contains about 22 forms of acids along with several other substances which provide … [Read more…]

Sticking to your Diet

Sticking to your Diet What is your light bulb moment? Every year millions of people around the world start diets and the majority of them give up within a few days or weeks, leading to feelings of failure and disappointment. It is easy to start but it takes some mental effort to keep going, but … [Read more…]

Migraine Relief Essential Oils

Migraine Relief Essential Oils the Use & Methods of Application for Best Results A synergistic blend of essential oils can be more effective for getting the results you desire than any single essential oil. The key pure essential oils I recommend you use in a blend for migraine relief, include: Frankincense, Cypress, Peppermint and Lavender … [Read more…]

Virtual Jump Test

An athlete’s vertical Jump is a milestone in his sports career; in sports like basketball and volleyball, the player with the highest jump is the most feared score winner and defender of all. For Generations, people have been trying to figure out ways of enhancing the explosive power of a person’s vertical jump. Aside from … [Read more…]

Late Night Eating Does Not Cause Weight Gain

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t eat past a certain time of day or you will gain weight? Somewhere along the way we’ve been told that we shouldn’t eat after 7 p.m. or we will pack on the pounds. This is a common misconception. Our bodies need fuel constantly, not just when we are … [Read more…]