Warts – Do you know what really causes warts?

Warts – Do you know what really causes warts? If there is one skin condition that seems to be frequently misunderstood, it’s a wart. Most people have a vague understanding about what it is exactly, whether it’s contagious or not, how people get infected and how it should be treated. What are warts? Warts are … [Read more…]

Deep pimples under the skin

Deep pimples under the skin Isn’t it awful when you can feel deep pimples under the skin and you know their going to look terrible when they finally do reach the surface? The best way to remove pimples from your face is, of course, to not let them get there in the first place. I’ll … [Read more…]

Mono , oh NO!

Symptoms of Mono, Relapse and Treatments There are just so many diseases out there. Many people are already worried that because of their constant interactions with so many people they will become at risk to many types of communicable and infectious diseases. Many of these diseases can be acquired by merely shaking hands with another … [Read more…]

Are your teeth yellow?

Yellow teeth are more common than we think they are. It is man’s nature to look good at all times. Having a great smile is part of that. A Yellowish dentition can turn a pretty smile to an ugly smile. A smile which is flashing discolored dentition can be an undesirable sight to look at. … [Read more…]

Acne Scar Cure !

Acne Scar Cure and the celebrities who are better off already! Dealing with acne and the related scarring can be damaging to a person’s confidence and imagine the scrutiny that Hollywood actors are under. Some well known Hollywood actors suffer or suffered from the very thing you are going through. I am here to tell … [Read more…]


Cancer is at epidemic levels in the United States. The five year survival rate for conventional treatment of most forms of cancer is less than 10 percent. Conventional methods do not cure cancer. They prolong life for a few years. Conventional methods eradicate cancer cells, but cancer often returns later. This is because conventional treatment … [Read more…]

The Process to making your face thin

The Process to making your face thin Most of the people suffer with loose face and wrinkles on the face due to age factor. So, most of us trying to use some excellent methods to make a face thin. In earlier days, there is no information about this technique. With the advent of internet technology, … [Read more…]

depersonalization disorder

In order to truly cure depersonalization disorder (including symptoms of derealization) you have to attack it at a number of different levels. If you don’t heed this advice, you could be stuck with the disorder for years, or even decades. Depersonalization is caused by disorganized attachment, emotional abuse, dysfunctional family systems, interpersonal trauma, chronic stress, … [Read more…]