Burn Fat Effectively

Getting rid of fat is the dream of a lot of people, in fact many of them try to cut fat on a specific place on the body, they then devote their attention on a single part, when they should focus on exercising the whole body. Living with fat on the body might seem without … [Read more…]

Yoga Strengthens the Mind

Yoga and Health benefits Most people who actually benefit from Yoga are those who practice, and continue to practice. Often times beginners try Yoga once and never again. They do not see how doing stretches or putting their body in uncomfortable poses helps their life. Here are 5 reasons why us Yoga lovers love the … [Read more…]

Vegans sometimes have a tough time finding suitable food to eat

Vegans sometimes have a tough time finding suitable food to eat especially if living in a largely non-vegetarian place. Fortunately, the growing number of people going vegetarian or vegan has led to restaurants adding additional menus. Unlike vegetarianism, veganism has far greater restrictions not only on diet but in all areas of life. There’s no … [Read more…]

Easing Age Spots from Home

If you’re anything like most baby boomers, after graying hair, poor eyesight, weight gain and winkles, age spots rank fifth on your list of aging nuisances. But you can find comfort in erasing those age advertisers right from your own kitchen. What Causes Age Spots To protect your skin against excessive sun exposure, your skin … [Read more…]


The Ancient Practice of Sun Gazing Posted on17 May 2017. Sun energy is the source that powers the brain. It enters the body through the elements of air, water, fire, and earth. Sunlight enters and leaves the human body most easily and directly through the human eye, provided it isn’t filtered out by colored lenses. … [Read more…]